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Автобусное чтение: вот вам еще Фебуса К. Данка

The book [Amnesia] was written at a time... when Dank thought he was losing his memory, and so his mind, and that soon he'd be a basket case. He'd reread the manuscript of his previous book (The Academician, one of his hastier efforts) and found that he'd inadvertently written the same scene - the one where Joan discovers the condom in the jar of mayonnaise - eight times, at eight different points of the novel. (He managed to fish out five of the redundant condoms before publication, and the two he missed can almost pass for artily deliberate repetitions.)

Christopher Miller
"The Cardboard Universe: A Guide to the World of Phoebus K. Dank"

(Я настаиваю: эту книгу надо читать каждому МТА от фантастики, а если не хочет - насильно ему читать, в его же присутствии.)

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