Angels Don't Speak Chinese (angels_chinese) wrote,
Angels Don't Speak Chinese

Two separate sides of my head

[Horrible experiment! :]

"The religious farce was delicious,
You did save us from deadly boredom,"
As the actress said to the bishop,
And the bishop said to the actress,
"God Almighty will shut out Sodom,
Notwithstanding the current factors."

"Even as death us parts, I’m your fan,
Please keep playing the tin can Jesus!"
As the Joker said to the Batman,
And the Batman said to the Joker,
"We’re about serious business,
Stop deriding me, Müller-Fokker!"

"You can call me the useless rhymer -
Look at me through the mirror, old boy!"
As the poet said to the writer,
And the writer said to the poet,
"I’m just one of the hoi polloi:
Get space opera - and enjoy it!"

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