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Daleks... Are... Supreeeme!.. или В начале славных дел

[Из хижины с мыслями о том, что давно не смотрел и еще какое-то время не буду смотреть "Доктора Ху".]

Four in every five letters to BBC's Point Of View programme were about the Daleks, and the critic of Huddersfield Daily Examiner, who had originally damned the programme, was among many who reversed their opinion:
As for spine chillery... well, I take back what I said a few weeks ago about Doctor Who having got off so a bad start it could never recover... Last Saturday, when, after Dalek 'intelligence' had been lifted unseen from its robot and placed in a blanket on the floor, the episode closed with something very horrible indeed just beginning to crawl from under the blanket. So horrible was it, that I very much doubt whether I shall have the courage this evening to switch on to see what it was. Lovely stuff!

Dominic Sandbrook Never Had It So Good. A History of Britain from Suez to The Beatles. 1956-63, p. 731

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