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Рабочее чтение: женщины и переводчики

The Interpreter Who Got It Wrong

A leading figure in this field is Mr S. Seymour who translated into Polish the speeches of President Carter during his 1977 tour of Poland.

His inspired translation of the address at Warsaw Airport was touched with genius. When President Carter spoke of his 'desires for the future', Mr Seymour stylishly rendered this into Polish as his 'lusts for the future'.

He reached new heights of mastery, when translating an innocent comment about the flight from Washington that morning.

Instead of the dull platitude actually spoken, the astonished Poles understood President Carter to have said that he had 'left America never to return'.

Mr Gierek, the Polish leader, said, 'I had to grit my teeth from time to time. But one must not be rude to ladies or interpreters'.

Stephen Pile 'The Book of Heroic Failures', pp. 182-183

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