Angels Don't Speak Chinese (angels_chinese) wrote,
Angels Don't Speak Chinese

Собственно, да

В частности, с 3:00 примерно:

If I'd only had the patience, if I'd only had the time
If I'd only known the moment when you'd chosen to decide
If I'd only ever listened, if you'd only ever asked
If I'd known it was important, if I'd known it wouldn't last

Run to the magic of, the magic of the shadowplay

Maybe if I'd noticed, maybe if I'd tried
Maybe if I'd worked at it, it never would have died
Maybe I was selfish, maybe I was blind
Maybe I was in the wrong and you were in the right

Run to the magic of, the magic of the shadowplay

Could I have been a better man, was I really all to blame?
Was it me that was the problem, was it me that dealt the pain?
Did you never mean to hurt me, did you only try to show
That you really, truly loved me, that together we're alone

Run to the magic of, the magic of the shadowplay

I see my life as a shadowplay
All around is the magic of shadowplay
In the world of the shadowplay is where I belong
Where all that I feared is how it is and will be
All that was hidden
Now you will see
All I could dream
You'll find now is real
All I could touch
Now you can feel
And the light that I follow
Is where the madness will end
Illumination, illumination

Shadowplay. Хелл йес. В самую точку ведь.

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