Angels Don't Speak Chinese (angels_chinese) wrote,
Angels Don't Speak Chinese

Venetian Graffiti

There was raining in Venezia, the holy lions roared behind the grey clouds' curtains shedding their diamond tears in the muddy canals. Someone was persistently knocking from the inside of Heaven's door.

We stood still near the public toilet that obediently confessed it was a part of some crazy cyberpunk scenery - just come and see the ornate Chinese hieroglyphs on the wall! They flickered in the mirrors of our eyes, they adjusted our codes to the wet misteries of this God-guarded exquisite Utopia.

We half toga'd ourselves in the expensive transparent cloaks. Besotted, we were ready to enter the rainy wondermaze. The Heaven's door opened, the mansions and boats and weather began to display themselves in the lagoon of our perception.


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