September 8th, 2008


Urth and Orth

Майкл Дирда в "Уошингтон Пост" пишет про "Anathem" Нила Стивенсона нехорроршоу:

Alas, there's worse. I also find the book to be fundamentally unoriginal. If you've read Russell Hoban's brilliant Riddley Walker, you've seen punning word coinages done better and more poetically. If you've read Walter M. Miller Jr.'s sf classic A Canticle for Leibowitz, you know that monasteries are havens of civilization and science (in Anathem's case, of high-level mathematics and theoretical physics). Most of all, if you've read Gene Wolfe's four-part Book of the New Sun, you can appreciate how this kind of grand encyclopedic vision, with mysteries at its core, can be brought off with far more elegance, wit and artistry. All these, by the way, are masterpieces -- and not just of "their genre."

The plot of Anathem is basically this: It's the far future of an Earth-like planet called Orth...

Я понимаю, впрочем, что Orth - это своеобразный оммаж классику.

Настораживает; впрочем, завтра книжка должна выйти и вскорости долететь до.