March 27th, 2011



Не могу сказать, что это моя любимая вещь с пластинки (любимая - на стихи Перси Биши Шелли), но - но.

"А кто не пьет? Нет, ты назови, я жду!"

AXEL ALONSO, the new editor in chief of Marvel Comics, was recalling how, about 10 years ago, when he was less experienced and recently hired by the company, he persuaded the British writer Peter Milligan to take over a struggling superhero comic called X-Force.

“We drank all night, to the degree I realized I can’t go home because I’ll be sick,” said Mr. Alonso, a lean man of 45 with a bald head and a close-cropped beard. “We walked around all night, got breakfast the next day. I said, ‘So, you’re writing this.’ He said, ‘Yeah, I’m writing this.’”

With some wistfulness, Mr. Alonso added, “Those were the days.”

Это статья в International Herald Tribune про трудности Marvel Comics, к слову, небезынтересная в свете криков "мы все умрем" в издательской индустрии.