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Gathering at a more public space, tussovka, is another form of activity. Fans come to tussovka to buy and sell CDs, DVDs, videos, pictures or other products related to anime and manga, such as badges with characters, as well as just to communicate with each other. Tussovka often serves as a site to perform costume plays. Until recently, most tussovka took place out-of-doors because local authorities did not allow gatherings inside public buildings, treating otaku with suspicion. Since autumn 2003, in connection with the preparation of the St Petersburg Anime Festival, a local RAnMa club was put under the auspices of the Union of Youth Organizations, allowing anime festivals to be organized in public buildings. Tussovka is a form of association of ordinary people inherited from Soviet times. This also means that otaku do not count themselves among the rich new Russians who spend their leisure time in expensive clubs.

Юлия Михайлова, Евгений Торчинов "Images at an Impasse: Anime and Manga in Contemporary Russia", in: Japan and Russia. Three Centuries of Mutual Images (2008), pp. 175-191.

Там еще дальше упоминаются Felix Torchinov, Viacheslav Makarov, Bogdan Kulikovskii. И есть одна совсем прекрасная описка-опечатка: "Section 9 from The Ghost in the Shell or Nerd from Evangelion" :)

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