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OSC про падение Иерусалима

Христианский писатель Орсон Скотт Кард в свежей колонке новостей о "Царствии Небесном" (la_renarde, обрати внимание!):

"Kingdom of Heaven looked horrifyingly bad to me from the promos. (...) It seemed to me that this was going to be a film about the Crusades in which none of the sympathetic characters were actually believing Christians, and in which the climactic moment would come as the hero rejected all organized religion and gave a ringing plea for sensitive liberalism.

Sensitive liberalism was not a common trait in the 12th century, and I was prepared to cringe.

To my surprise, William Monahan's script was not quite so nakedly p.c. as the out-of-context clips made it seem. The reasons for the hero's questioning of the organized Church were well-founded in the kind of thing that happened in that era; and as Boccaccio's Decameron so thoroughly showed, it was quite possible to be Christian while having a very low opinion of priests and popes."

Оказывается, в своем восприятии я не одинок ;)

В той же колонке - о биографии сами понимаете кого "Bradbury Chronicles: The Life of Ray Bradbury" пера Сэма Веллера. Кто-нибудь ее читал? Мне интересно главным образом, есть ли там упоминания о Ли Бреккетт.

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