Angels Don't Speak Chinese (angels_chinese) wrote,
Angels Don't Speak Chinese

Урсула Ле Гуин излагает свои впечатления от "Войны Геда" Горо Миядзаки

Work on the film went on extremely rapidly after that. We realised soon that Mr Hayao was taking no part in making the film at all.
I had a very moving letter from him, and later one from Mr Goro. I answered them as well as I could.
I am sorry that anger and disappointment attended the making of this film on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.
In modern fantasy (literary or governmental), killing people is the usual solution to the so-called war between good and evil. My books are not conceived in terms of such a war, and offer no simple answers to simplistic questions.

Одна из интересных частностей: Ле Гуин говорит, что Миядзаки-пер работает над новым фильмом.

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