Angels Don't Speak Chinese (angels_chinese) wrote,
Angels Don't Speak Chinese

Филип Дик как иконоборец

Любопытный пуан-де-вю из предисловия к сборнику статей "The Visual Culture of American Religions":

But iconoclasm can also descend into an orgy of violence in the service of absolutism and its insistence on controlling human beings. To introduce here another visual medium, the film Blade Runner (1982) portrays a futuristic world in which the Platonic fear of the image leads legal assassins or "blade runners" to hunt down genetically manufactured copies of human beings called "replicants." As offworld slave labor, the replicants are considered a threat to human purity and power. After several of them rebel against their state of servitude and short-term life spans, they return to earth like Frankenstein's monster to confront their "maker," the founder of a vast corporation that designs and manufactures replicants.

Что бы сам Фил сказал по этому поводу?

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