Angels Don't Speak Chinese (angels_chinese) wrote,
Angels Don't Speak Chinese

Атлантическое: арифметическое

According to Mayan experts, the end of the great Mayan cycle... is on December 22, 2012, when the sun's magnetic field will again reverse, and we shall (possibly) face some catastrophe. Howere, the nervously inclined should note that a complete "sun cycle" (18,139 years) would, taken from a starting date of 3114 BC, actually come to an end in AD 4367. So we probably have more than two thousand years to go.

Между тем 3114 + 4367 = 7481. Я не говорю о том, что -3114 + 18139 = 15025. Или я чего-то не понял опять?


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