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Dear Mike, hold on

Из нового "Ансибля":

Michael Moorcock is to be honoured as this year's SFWA Grand Master. But, alas, he confirms rumours of further surgery: 'Yeah, I had a big toe off last week in Seaton Hospital, Austin. I've been going to hyperbarics for a couple of weeks and it seems to be doing you good. The tube this time is a communal chamber. The whole thing is like a set of a 1950s sf movie, including the helmet you wear. The other day a guy cracked up in the chamber, just like a bit part actor in a Twilight Zone episode. We couldn't do too much because we were in the middle of what the techs call a dive. I'm able to take a notebook in, so now I really know what it's like to work under pressure.' Later: 'The worst horror is that we have a teenager aboard and she asks to watch teeny TV -- we're all otherwise readers or snoozers. And then she asks for the sound raised above the helmet noise -- we all sound (and indeed look) like Cybermen in there. Or so many trainee Darths.'

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