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Трамвайное чтение: his greatest pleasure

Six months later, the first true monster dog was functioning almost perfectly. His creators had made only one mistake, which was that they had used a grown animal instead of a puppy. Since Rupert had spent his formative years as a dog, his ability to learn language and certain social skills was somewhat impaired, but in general he got along very well, and learned to perform all the tasks of a servant, and also to shoot a rifle and eventually to read. His greatest pleasure, according to the dogs who knew him - those of my parents' generation - was to drive a carriage. Before his perfection, he had been terrified of horses; now he was able to command them completely, like a human.

However, the privilege of driving was eventually taken away from him. It was not clear to anyone precisely why, but I imagine it was merely due to some perverse expression on his face, which he neglected to change once when he turned to look at his master behind him in the seat of the carriage.

Kirsten Bakis "Lives of the Monster Dogs"

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